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Sockspector is a 2022 children’s fiction chapter book by British author, Tasha Saartje Rose. It follows the adventures of a causal blue ankle sock who turns into the sock investigator, Sockspector.

Sockspector goes on a magical mission to discover the lost single socks and reunite them with their soul-sock partner. He discovers time travel through the slockholes and journeys to the sock-iverse. Out of the drawer, Sockspector faces danger at every turn, from sock-muncher Bobo the rabbit, to the terrifying sock-gobbling washing machines. Along the way there are secrets revealed about sock realms and the five founding noble socks; ancestors of the sock world.

The characters are all intertwined in some way, whether through history and sock ancestry or fellow sock drawer mates. The idea of the fizclicks links in the real world and unbeknown to humans all these years they have been accidentally opening up the sock-iverse through the washing machine settings.

Sockspector is a fun and quirky adventure which will have you laughing... and wondering where your missing single socks have travelled to... It was published by Olympia Publishers, London, in April 2022.

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